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Qualifications / Training

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery – Adelaide

Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
(FRACS Ortho)

Foot & Ankle Fellowship
Park Clinic Orthopaedics

Baltimore Limb Deformity Course (Maryland, USA)

Foot & Ankle Fellowship Halifax
Dr Mark Glazebrook
Dalhousie University

AANA Mini Fellowship in Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy with Dr Richard Ferkel MD


TYP Chin, AO Altuntas, P Selbar, JEA Palamara, R Wolfe, N Eizenberg, HK Graham. Muscle tendon surgery in cerebal palsy: whats the dose? Presented at the 11th Meeting of the Combined Orthopaedic Associations, Sydney, 2004.

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Pilon Fractures. Synthes Cadaveric Workshop: Foot and Ankle Trauma and Reconstruction. 21st July 2012. University of Melbourne.

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Functional Outcome of Lisfranc injuries : A Victorian centre’s experience. AOA scientific meeting. Brisbane 2015. (Terence Chin senior author. Presented by Chris Stubbe)

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